Maricar Banaag Talks About Her Experience With An Online Jewelry Seller

Nowadays, with our hectic schedule, we might end up buying online since this is convenient and less hassle with the use of mobile phones, computers or laptops. Just set your delivery address and the payment option, this is how fast the transaction today but there are advantages and disadvantages in this kind of activity.  One is hassle-free and the other one is Expectation versus Reality. 

Here is one experience that we can learn from an online buyer named Ms. Maricar Banaag and her experience with an online jewelry seller named Daisy Borja. Ms. Maricar gave his trust since Ms. Borja was referred by a friend. 

Ms. Banaag bids for an item, the diamond ring which is according to what Ms. Borja presented was a 1.25-carat diamond.  According to Ms. Banaag, she won the bid with Php160,000.00, this was included in an issued check amounting to Php405,295.00 for the other pieces of jewelry that she bought. It was cleared on October 18. 

Ms. Banaag found out that the diamond ring weighs only at 0.71 instead of 1.25, this is when she had her setter checked the said diamond ring. Ms. Banaag reached out to Ms. Borja about the issue and expected to have a good conversation and return the item, but Ms. Banaag received bad words from Ms. Borja. Things got worse, according to Ms. Banaag she even experienced bullying and some private information was disclosed. 

Because of this situation, Ms. Maricar Banaag makes a legal action and filed an estafa case against Ms. Daisy Borja.

For more information and the details of this story below is a reference. tinaguriang-ninang-idinemanda-ng-estafa/